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In career acceleration, NQ (Networking Quotient) matters.

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  1. The ability to build and leverage connections and accelerate career growth.

  2. A breakthrough cloud-based networking tool that helps women boost their networking power, career advancement and success.

  3. A solution for companies to proactively close the gender gap and leverage the financial rewards of a stronger, gender balanced leadership team.

A Critical Gap in Today’s Workforce

While 59 percent of the college-educated workforce are women, men continue to dominate senior management teams. Research has clearly shown that corporations that have a high percentage of women in senior management outperform companies with fewer women executives on a broad range of financial metrics. Increasing the presence of women in senior management roles has become a business imperative.

Earners of Undergraduate and Masters Degrees:

Companies with more Women Board Directors have:

  • Higher Return on Equity 53%
  • Higher Return on Sales 42%
  • Higher Return on Invested Capital 42%

Yet women are only:

  • Executive Officers 14%
  • Top Earners 8.1%
  • Fortune 500 CEOs 4.6%

Women are excellent at making authentic, meaningful connections with people, but we don’t approach, define, or characterize networking in the same way that men do. My goal is to help women leverage NQuotient to be intentional about building and leveraging their social and professional networks toward achieving career goals. — Marilyn Nagel

The Solution

NQuotient provides a cloud-based solution designed to help women accelerate their career through strategic development and leverage of intentional networks. Research demonstrates that women with strong networks deliver greater results and are better able to achieve their career goals. By partnering with NQuotient, companies provide their female employees the opportunity to grow professionally, increasing their visibility and preparedness for senior management roles. NQuotient offers a solution for companies to proactively close the gender gap and leverage the financial rewards of a stronger, gender balanced leadership team.

The NQuotient Process


Determine the quality of the user’s current network and networking ability.


Complete curriculum focused on strategically growing, fostering and engaging in an intentional network.


Enable the user to manage and capitalize on their network through an online tool.

Corporate Benefits

It makes solid business sense to support women in building and leveraging intentional networks. Here’s why:

  • Financial performance dramatically improved
  • Talent optimization
  • Women’s career advancement accelerated
  • Improved leadership effectiveness
  • Strengthened recruitment, retention and engagement
  • Enhanced brand
  • Enhanced cross-company collaboration

User Benefits

It takes powerful networks to build a career. Women who know how to utilize their NQuotient:

  • Access new opportunities & high visibility assignments
  • Obtain sponsors/advocates
  • Develop relationships in different areas & functions
  • Gain job-relevant learning & enhance job performance
  • Tap into solutions when existing processes offer none
  • Enjoy enhanced job satisfaction

How It Works

NQ combines the best of tools we have come to know and rely on, all tailored for users to be better at leveraging their network for career success:

A Network Relationship Management (NRM) tool that helps you categorize, set frequency of contact, relationship strength, sort and manage your connections from social, work, and all networks in one place that no one sees but you.

A networking fitness tool with daily reminders to keep networking top of mind, and keep you going with quick and easy opportunities to connect and have greater impact through your network.

A performance enhancement motivational tool that helps you continuously improve your NQ score, through educational modules and webinars.



Marilyn Nagel

Co-Founder & Chief Mission Officer

Was most recently the CEO of Watermark, an executive women’s leadership organization based in Silicon Valley. Prior to that, she was the Chief Diversity Officer of Cisco Systems, following senior learning and development positions at American Express and AT&T.

Tom Gaunt

Co-Founder & CEO

Senior software sales and marketing executive and entrepreneur.  Most recently the SVP WW Sales at Rogue Wave Software. Prior to that, Tom had senior sales roles in companies such as a Macromedia and Borland. Tom has background in both  PE and venture capital portfolio firms.

Christy Torres

Community Manager

Previously, serving as a one woman marketing department for a small business in Dallas, Christy has worn many hats. She currently uses her knowledge of growing online communities and increasing target market engagement to build NQuotient’s social media presence.


Rob Cross

Senior Advisor

Author, consultant and professor at the Univ. of Virginia. Work focuses on informal network relationships in organizations. Most recent book is Driving Results Through Social Networks.

Mike Dulworth

Founder & Board Chairman

CEO of Executive Networks, the leading provider of executive peer networks for Global 1000 HR executives and the author of The Connect Effect: Building Strong Personal, Professional and Virtual Networks.

Jory Des Jardins

Senior Advisor

Award winning entrepreneur, including Fortune Most Powerful Women Entrepreneur Award in 2013. Jory is the co-founder of BlogHer, which was recently acquired by SheKnows, the world’s largest women’s digital media site.

Magnus Stjernstrom

Advisory CTO

Currently VP of CyberGroup, a boutique software development firm. Former Founder and CTO of IDology.

Adam Grant

Senior Advisor

Wharton’s youngest full professor. He has been recognized as one of HR’s most influential international thinkers, BusinessWeek’s favorite professors, and the world’s top 40 business professors under 40. Author of Give and Take, a NYT bestseller.

It’s not who you know. Wait, yes it is.

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